• Image of Love overcomes art print

Due to a terrible accident this last week my beautiful wife was put into a coma when her thyroid shut down while driving. She slammed into a pole head on. She struggled in a coma for 7 days fighting to find her way out of the darkness. I designed this piece as I sat next to her bed, I watched her fight so hard to come back. I told her hours of stories of our adventures and love we shared here. Every day I would walk into her room and love her more than I did the day before. When everything was falling apart it seemed in life my love to my wife was the only thing that kept me going. Due to a miracle, prayers, and love, Audrey awoke on march 9th from her darkness. She is recovering everyday and getting stronger. We could not ask for anything more. This week long stay in the icu unit was well.... not cheap so I am selling these art prints to try and cover some of our medical. This print is a constant reminder to us of the days "love overcame darkness" We thank our family, friends, and neighbors for the hours of love and prayers poured out to us this last week. Thank you all again for helping there be a miracle-Nick Moore